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Dear friends,

Ruby here writing to tell you about my latest quest. I have become a socially responsible canine, raising funds for the RSPCA in the fight against animal cruelty. In embarking on the Million Paws Walk this May I am walking in the paw prints of my big sister Holiday. I don’t think that Million Paws was around in the time of my biggest sister, Licorice, who from all accounts was an independent miss, or in the sainted Velvet’s time – from all accounts she was a home body and in the eyes of Mum and Dad could do no wrong.

The deal is I walk for 45 minutes every day with Mum and/or Dad and people sponsor me. The walking’s not hard, we do it anyway. The sponsorship is easy too and I’d like to thank the kind people who have supported me. The tricky bit is the dreaded bandana that I’m supposed to wear to promote the cause. Really?

Regular readers will know that I have an aversion to fashion accessories and have previously written about the angst they have caused. Just when I thought such things had been forgotten and I was safe wearing only my embroidered collar, Mum comes rushing up from the letter-box exclaiming ‘Ruby something for you!’ Being a Labrador naturally I assumed a box of Smackos had been delivered, sent by one of the ‘Aunties’, and I rushed over to investigate. Picture my disappointment, indeed horror when instead a bright yellow bandanna was produced and wrapped around my neck. Save me!

Thankfully mostly I’ve managed to avoid wearing it. This is achieved by a lot of crazy excitement when walks are announced which causes Mum to forget it until we’re half way down the drive. Dad is on my side and when Mum does remember he is brave enough to say ‘Squirt, she’s not a circus animal’. Onya Dad!

On the Heritage Walk

If we’re talking about giving thanks I’m also grateful that when I have been seen on the beach in it, none of my friends have been about to witness my humiliation. Mia and May are currently up at their Hobart house and Norman and Pearl have family staying and so are on a different walk cycle. Not that Norman would be game enough to say anything as I believe there may have been an unfortunate incident when he was at the groomers last week. I’ll keep that piece of information in reserve in case I need it. Just saying.

With my Aunty A at Bark in the Park

When I think about it this is not my first foray into community work. When I was a little girl and we were living in Orange I attended Bark in the Park which my Aunty Adrienne (Aunty A) had helped to organise. I was very excited, so much so that I managed to vomit up the 500g of butter I had stolen off the kitchen bench and eaten just before we left home. Wow, did that cause a sensation! Every dog there wanted to be my friend. Aunty A acted quickly and no-one got a look in. Mum and Dad decided that discretion was the better part of valour and we left soon after. Ah, memories.

If you’re interested I do have my own fundraising page – that’s because I am a socially responsible canine. Have I already said that?

Love from the Island


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