An Island Off an Island

Musings from Bruny

By Alistair Richards visiting his brother Marcus and Jan, with wife Katrina.

An island off an island, no! An island at the end of a car drive, at the end of a flight, at the end of a car drive, at the end of a ferry ride. Luckily I was able to be in the wheelhouse of the ferry and give the Master the benefit of my self-declared expertise. His welcome was indicative of the island at the bottom of the world, both the people and the wildlife, certainly not over-rated.

The weather changes are spectacular, ominous clouds over the mountains, passing showers and brilliant clear skies and that was in the first two hours. I love the sea and Cape Bruny Lighthouse, at the southern tip, with rugged cliffs being pounded by waves was a highlight. We were also pounded by the wind with a chill factor of six or seven degrees.Spectacular wildlife everywhere, crimson breasted robins, numerous varieties of parrots and the legendary white wallabies.

My brother Marcus and his wife Jan seem very happy in the new environment, obviously a part of the local community, and up on all the gossip and of course, local controversies: will the new ferry be big enough, should residents get priority over tourists? Katrina and I voted and gave a ten for their hospitality, location and view from the new estate and the exemplary food. To be clear the score is out of ten. Suggested Marcus could have a pop up restaurant, but politely declined


Most pleasingly, we were able to get out and see the sights unlike big sister Beverley, who was kept in quarantine at the house for her whole visit. Nothing to do with Covid, just the government thought it best to keep her locked in.

Bruny Island, an island off an island, or what I said, highly recommended to all.

One thought on “An island off an island; a mainlander’s perspective

  1. Beverley says:

    Ha ha ha Alistair, very funny.


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