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Tip Art

Tip Mania

Such a radical move. Uprooting on a whim. Bruny Island – yes, a beautiful paradise, but so far away – about as far south as is possible to be and still claim Australia as home. To date it has been an experience filled with awe and wonder. A view in all directions to die for, …

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What’s in a Name?

Why did we choose to call our blog ‘An island off an island’ ? Australian readers may want to go and make a cup of tea right now and avoid the geography lesson, but for our friends overseas who have written to say they’ve been looking at maps to work it out here goes! Bruny …

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The dangers of unpacking

Ruby here. It still all sixes and sevens at # 87 BIMR with unpacking and arranging a relentless pursuit. I have found the best strategy is to curl up out of the way of trolleys and topping mountains of cardboard. I have also been blocking out much of the conversation which includes squeals of delight …

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