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Ruby here. It still all sixes and sevens at # 87 BIMR with unpacking and arranging a relentless pursuit. I have found the best strategy is to curl up out of the way of trolleys and topping mountains of cardboard. I have also been blocking out much of the conversation which includes squeals of delight as treasures are rediscovered. The latter was perhaps not the smartest of approaches, particularly when the ‘discovery’ concerned moi!

Let’s go back to August 2019 when Mum went on one of her IFLA sojourns to Athens, and returned with a designer dog scarf for me sold to support the disadvantaged canines of Greece. Now I’m as conscientious as any Aussie dog in the area of international aid, but couldn’t we just have posted them a can of Pedigree Chum? A dog scarf! I would much have preferred the ‘sweet or savoury snack’ REX would have offered her on the last leg of the trip home. Dad saw, and shared my distress. Together we managed to make it disappear down the back of the chest of drawers. It was past history – until yesterday.

Scarf wearing Ruby

Seems super sleuth Mum had discovered our subterfuge when the bedroom was cleared and popped the offending item into a bag, only for it to re-appear when we were about to head out for a big beach adventure yesterday afternoon. By the time Dad arrived I was wearing the blessed thing. I do not think Bruny Dogs wear scarves – at least not the ones I’ve met to date. I was in mortal fear that I might run into my new friend Djiajo (a West Highland Terrier) – what sort of message would he get about a scarf wearing mainlander?!

Must say the scarf’s well made. Despite my best efforts of getting it to come/be taken off including swimming in the lagoon (and dragging Mum in) and injuring my paw it stayed in place and lives to be worn another day. Wonder if possums, wallabies and quolls like scarves?

Best wishes to all my Hellenic doggy friends.

4 thoughts on “The dangers of unpacking

  1. jenniferderrick2800 says:

    Dear Ruby
    My mum and dad brought me home a scarf from Bali to aid homeless canines which I hate wearing too. So my sympathies are with you my friend!
    Bailey Derrick

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  2. Sally says:

    Looks like everyone is settling in gradually, love hearing about the adventures so far.

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  3. Ray & Dyanne Ward says:

    Don’t lose the scarf Ruby. I think you will find that Bruny Island dogs will all wear them when winter comes.

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