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Moving label

24 hours after the trucks bearing our two containers worth of ‘stuff’ arrived there is a modicum of order – mind you we wouldn’t want anyone to visit as they would be hard pressed to find a vacant space to sit – but at least we have located and unpacked the essentials including the coffee maker, chocolate and red wine! The pile of empty boxes is growing as is the list of items to be included in our Bruny Island garage sale. Marie Kondo we are not.

Luckily there is heaps of wardrobe space so any worries about where the Imelda Marcos and Miss Mary Mac collections might go is unfounded. More angst about where to hang the masks and paintings which are looking at us reproachfully through their shrouds of bubble wrap. As for the fabric I’ll cut it up and make quilts.

The ute has arrived in Hobart so a trip óff island’ is called for tomorrow. An opportunity too for us to change our car rego and drivers licenses so we can officially become Tasmanian residents with the benefit of cheaper ferry fees.

We’ve been here a whole week, can’t really believe it.

Love from Dennes Point.

2 thoughts on “Waving, not drowning!

  1. vlmarott says:

    The joys of unpacking, as you wonder why you carefully packed and paid for items to be moved that go straight to the Vinnies pile in the new house 😊
    Luckily you have unpacked the life essentials so all downhill from now!
    Enjoy your day out to the big smoke xx


    1. Jan says:

      Thanks Victoria, love from us all xx


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