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Home-quarantine only lasted 2.5 days but that was 2 days too long for the youngest member of the Richards’ family who saw, and seized the opportunity to slip past an unsuspecting human and out into the world of Dennes Point! After a bit of ‘hide and seek’ around the grounds of Wainui (the name of our new home) she made her way down the hill, attracted by the thought of playing with Lucca, a border collie. The wisdom of having her name and my mobile emblazoned on her collar paid off (thank you Personalised Pet) and we soon knew her whereabouts thanks to our lovely new neighbour. Finding her and catching her was a totally different story, especially with several acres to race across with the abandon of one who had been cooped up for far too long. Lucca watched the audacious show of incredible bad behaviour with utter amazement, at the same time enjoying some of the doggy treats bought down to entice the Ratbag to heel! It was an exhausted Ruby and two suitably embarrassed owners who walked home. She slept all afternoon!

The unbearable thought that we might have to endure Ruby cabin-fever for 2 weeks was bought to a halt last night when our new hero, Scott Tilyard, Deputy State Controller sent us a message to say that our quarantine ends on Friday as Tasmania is opening its borders to NSW. I’d like to think its a personal message but I suspect Scott wrote to a few people! Zippidy do dah after seven months of telling Rube that we’re taking her to the beach we’ll be able to do so. I can feel the sand between my toes now. Lucky my toe nails are painted 🙂

PS In a bit of serendipity I remember meeting Lucca on the beach when we were down here in March.

4 thoughts on “Escapees!

  1. Belinda says:

    Too funny. 😂

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    1. Jan says:

      Not at the time! xx

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  2. MMbGC says:

    Go Ruby. Sand in the toes it is

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  3. jenniferderrick2800 says:

    I’m sure Lucca (being a Border Collie) will be a good influence and show Ruby the ropes of Bruny!!!

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