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view from deck

Now we’ve come up for air we can answer the question that’s been on many of your lips – does our new home (bought on-line in a COVID world) live up to expectations? Thankfully I can respond with a resounding YES, though as we came up the drive, and again when we put the key in the front door there was a whisper of ‘what if’ running through our minds.

No need for concern, the house and the online photos and videos aligned. Many of you had commented on the kookaburra in the foreground of one of the scenic real estate shots and, I kid you not, as we opened the doors onto the deck there he was in the same position (sent from central casting?). We have spent the 24 hours we’ve been here poking about and planning. The gardens have great possibilities and the views! – well that’s what its all about.

Our other essential internet purchase – groceries from Woollies ‘Çlick and Collect’ delivered by Bruny Couriers was also waiting for us, hooray. When combined with the case of champagne from R and the care package from K, the 3 Vs and C we can last a while in home isolation.

On the topic of home isolation had a lovely chat with the Tasmanian constabulary this morning about the failings of the GPS service on our phones. When we were asked to log our locations today we were nowhere near Bruny! More like halfway to New Zealand. He said I sounded like a very responsible person and he trusted me. I replied that our dog had just escaped and that my husband (and I) were now exiting the property – he said to ‘go for it’. And that is the entrée to my next post!

One thought on “Internet purchasing

  1. Anne Hopwood says:

    It all sounds fabulous, So pleased the house was as advertised. Look forward to all the news! Love the Hopwoods and Russell.

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