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Ruby on the road

Hi Everyone, Ruby here. Mum and Dad asked me to post as they are quite exhausted after our 32 hour, 1,530 km marathon. They want you to know we arrived safely but not without incident!

I was sleeping quietly, strapped in on the back seat, when the front wheel began making a strange noise. We were in a place called Young. Dad did some looking and decided we needed to call the NRMA. A nice man arrived and said he thought there was a stone caught behind the brake so next thing Mum’s car ( with me still it in) was on the back of a tow truck heading to a mechanic. The fact that we had a deadline with something called ‘the Spirit’ resulted in an apparent quick turnaround though there was a lot of stress coming from the front seats as we hurtled south.

At this Spirit thing I was allowed out for a sniff of seagulls before showing my papers to prove I’d had all the necessary medications. Let’s not go there, a vet visit isn’t something to share. I was quite enjoying myself when I was bundled off to a kennel dormitory and bedded down next to some yappy white thing. I sighed deeply and put my head between my paws. The plus side was my Mum and Dad had thought to pack my futon, best blue blanket and Tigger ( a rather loved toy). Yappy white only had a piece of butchers paper! A long night. The parents were in quarantine lock down and were moved from their plush suite to a basic cabin and a care package – just saying!

Mum and Dad can’t be near people for a while so breakfast was sitting outside at a petrol station near Devonport. I discovered a new delicacy, wallaby poo. It’s delicious, Lots of ‘Ruby NO’!

The drive south was full of the front seat saying ‘oh look, how beautiful!’. I just wished they’d be a bit quieter, it had been a long night.

Finally we got to the last bit and another ferry ride. We had just missed one and had time to kill so I got to smell the sea for the first time (impressive), and have ice cream overlooking a marina ( learning new terms all the time).

Liked this ferry. Got to hang out of the window and sniff.

A long time after we left Aunty Bev’s in Orange we arrived at what I am told is my new home. Mum and Dad are ecstatic and saying ‘it’s perfect’. Must admit it’s good, very good! And when we went for a walk around the garden I realised there is wallaby poo! Happy Days.

Love Ruby

2 thoughts on “Message from Ruby

  1. Kira Brown says:

    Oh poor Ruby sounds like a real adventure! And the stress 😬!!!
    I hope you, mum and Dad are settling in to island life. Missing u all xxx kira

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jennifer Derrick says:

    Hi Ruby
    Enjoy the wallaby poo – Tasmania is known for its gastronomic delights!

    Liked by 1 person

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