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Christmas Day may be a memory but the fridge is still full of leftovers and I am just discovering things I bought to include in the feast but which have been forgotten (or more realistically hidden behind other items). There is a culinary rationale for Christmas lasting 12 days!

I have tried to adhere to the 100 mile philosophy when sourcing food for some time but Christmas on Bruny involved a much smaller radius for festive cheer, and what amazing produce it was!

Oysters: Whenever you mention Bruny to people who have visited they will comment on the oysters – as they should. They are small perfect parcels of deliciousness. We made the short trek to ‘Get Shucked’ several times to ensure a fresh supply. Our Christmas Eve pick up was afforded the ‘value add’ component when we were serenaded as we completed the transaction. With a choice of toppings for those who wanted them and a glass of Tasmanian bubbles on the side the perfect beginning to a meal.

Cheese: on the culinary front another thing Bruny is known for is The Bruny Island Cheese Company – heaven on a stick! Armed with gift vouchers from family we loaded up with the stuff. The opportunity to say ‘I’ll have one of everything’ and sample at leisure was a treat.

Olive Oil: just before you hit Dennes Point an olive grove hugs the hillside and at the gate sits this self serve station.

Cherries: What is Christmas without them? Especially coming from Orange where picking them in your teens was a way of earning pocket money ( not that I am really an expert on that as I only lasted 2 days and it was ‘suggested’ that I not come back). I digress. Cherries can be bought from the Cherry shed as you leave the ferry at Robert’s Point but ours came from much closer to home, the orchard of our neighbours Marlene and Brendan, – large dark and delicious. Marcus used some to create this glorious Cherry, orange and hazelnut tart (Delicious December 2020) served with home made vanilla ice-cream.

Vegetables: A quick drive to the Bruny Island Market Garden to collect our box overflowing with freshly harvested yumminess

Eggs: We were also responsible for our other neighbours chooks, or ‘ the ladies’ as Marcus respectfully referred to them. Ensuring they were securely locked away from quolls at night became part of the rhythm of our days and we were rewarded by a constant supply of beautiful fresh eggs.

Hope your Christmas was as delicious as ours. Forgot to mention that our table ( like most in Bruny) also included salmon from the great escape. About to make a sandwich from leftovers- is there anything nicer, especially when you are curled up reading the books Santa left!

4 thoughts on “A taste of what’s on offer

  1. rhondab1940 says:

    Sounds like grocery shopping in the nether regions is quite a pleasurable experience rather than a chore as it is here. One of my friends is hosting a “Good riddance to 2020 party” to use up her leftovers- and I think many of us intend to follow suite!

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    1. Jan says:

      What a fabulous idea. Do you think I should have a similar soiree using up all my excess fabric? :-)! xx

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    2. Shell says:

      Oh the Bruny Island produce…. we cannot enjoy oysters anywhere else now that we have sampled Get Shucked.
      We broke the 100 mile rule well and truly driving 150kms to buy cherries that came from Forbes!

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  2. rhondab1940 says:

    Of course, I can add to that too.

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