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Hi Regina here, friend of Jan, Marcus and Ruby from when we all lived in Orange – delighted to be here on Bruny for Christmas with good friends and totally privileged as an invited guest blogger.

Yesterday , Jan and I took in/took on Bruny’s most famed tourist attraction – Mr Pennicott’s three hour tour down the south east coast from Adventure Bay to the Friars off the southern tip. Famed as a wilderness tour with ginger tablets supplied, the boat crew delivered scenic dolomite sea cliffs, caves, arches, rock formations and wild-life.

While being decked out like religious acolytes appealed to the inner catholic in me, the outbound trip held no terrors.

Look at the colour of that water!

The return, however, prompted thoughts of that other “three hour tour” aboard the SS Minnow as our youthful skipper and first mate made sure the trip was memorable and ran us fast into a strong northerly and swell. Ginger tablets and wet weather gear were tested.
One sudden stop into the face of the swell has parked itself in my memory. I wonder if I could recreate that in the dragon boat on Lake Weerona in Bendigo?

Jan about to board

Let’s just say that the jetty at Adventure Bay never looked so good. A special and beautiful day that I am pleased to have shared with a dear and special friend.

Thanks Jan.

One thought on “Relying on Ginger

  1. Mary-Anne Fogarty says:

    We wondered what you were up to when we saw the photo of Jan being whipped by the wind. Maybe not an adventure suited to the Commander!

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