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Musings from Bruny

This blog post has been written by our sister/sister-in-law/aunt, Beverley, who has been visiting us for Christmas.

Quarantine, house arrest, iso, what ever you want to call it, who would have thought I’d be in it on Bruny Island. What a tale!

I was thrilled when Marcus phoned and invited me to come and stay with them, for Christmas, how could I refuse? had been sad to see them leave Orange but excited for them starting a new life and curious to see their new home and surroundings.

Booked my flight to Hobart and train to Sydney the very next day counting the days to the 22nd. As time crept forward news of the Northern beaches outbreak started to be reported and me starting to panic.

I left Orange feeling optimistic thinking once on the plane I’ll be able to relax. How wrong and naive was I? Arriving in Hobart everyone was temperature checked, asked the usual COVID questions, have you been overseas, had a cough etc and the question that got me unstuck, ‘how did you get to the airport’? That’s when the rot set in, me saying on the train.

I was told I had to quarantine for two weeks, but I was only here for one week! The thoughts that went through my head in a couple of seconds. Will I have to go to a hotel and pay a fortune for being stuck there on my own, or will it be better if I turned around and go straight back to N.S.W. without seeing Marcus, Jan and more importantly Ruby. Panic, Panic.

I said to the lady at boarder control, hardly anyone on the train, Central station was almost deserted, same at the airport. Chances of me getting COVID one in a million (my medical opinion).

I’m trying not to drag the story out, they spoke to Jan who was told I was allowed to quarantine at her residence. Big sigh of relief!!! So I managed to have a wonderful Christmas Day with family which was the main aim of the visit. The fact that I haven’t been able to have a look around the island gives me a good excuse to plan another trip once all the COVID nonsense dies down again.

Brother and sister

So here I am under jailer lock and key looking at the beautiful water view on a bright sunny day with a slight breeze watching a small boat skimming along, a yacht floating lazily, with the coast of Tasmania on the other side of the water. House arrest ain’t all bad.

2 thoughts on “Home detention!

  1. Suzanne Tink says:

    So glad you’re having a lovely time with Marcus and Jan. Loved reading your story, even though I knew the outcome 🤗🤗… you should take up writing🥰🥰

    Liked by 1 person

  2. MMbGC says:

    Oh Beverly

    What a palava! Pleased your are happily ensconced on Bruny with the crew!


    Liked by 1 person

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