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Hi Friends, Ruby here to bring you greetings and best wishes for 2021 from an island, off an island, off an island at the bottom of the world.

Now I don’t want to sound like some sort of New Year Grinch, but really I don’t know what all the fuss is about. In fact I found it all rather tiresome.

Boats everywhere! … and children and visiting dogs

Let’s go back a few days. Just after Boxing Day (memorable because I was still eating turkey scraps), lots of people began to descend on Dennes Point. As an ever alert Labrador this was obvious to me not only by the increased number of cars going past our house, and the number of boats moored offshore, but more importantly the invasion of my beach by visiting dogs and small children. Now I realise I may be getting a bit ahead of myself in claiming the beach as my own after only 2 months of residency (which is 14 months in dog years), but where have those kids/dogs been in that time? Not here that’s for sure. I let my disdain be known by subtly altering any sandcastle I strolled past and walking in a proprietorial way.

Dog on the job

After a big day clearing the vegetable garden yesterday ( another photo of me assisting included for your viewing pleasure) we retired to the house for an evening of quiet celebration, which for me meant a gentle slumber on the lounge. I was therefore not best pleased when I was awoken about 9pm by what I was assured were fireworks that ‘wouldn’t hurt me’. As if I believed that! I charged outside, rushing up and down the deck with my best and deepest bark in evidence. After some persuasion and a little physical effort on the part of the parents I was escorted back inside exhausted and ready for bed.

There is some sort of connectivity issue on Bruny at present and watching Netflix is proving problematic which caused Dad some grief. We were reduced to revisiting the DVD collection (not altogether successful) and at 10.30 bedtime was declared. No arguments from me there.

So everyone was snuggled down when footsteps were heard outside on the deck. I was immediately alert to the noise and movement and bloody hell there was a possum, outside my window, casually strutting along. And can I say not a small specimen but one who could do with a Jenny Craig appointment. Once again I was forced to defend the house with a show of strength, not once but twice as the blighter came back for a second look around. There was a touch of exasperation in Dad’s voice as I was asked to come back inside. He may even have used his ‘teacher voice’. I expect most of Dennes Point heard me but fair’s fair, I had put up with their fireworks. By now it was midnight and Mum reckoned she could see the fireworks from Hobart – not that I’d trust her, she’s known to exaggerate.

As a result I have spent the day catching up on lost sleep. This has been tricky as we have some of our new friends coming over for drinks and I am constantly being moved so something can be ‘done’. What’s the bet that I’ll be in my garden come party time? Not an ideal start to the year. Oh well, Happy New Year. Ruby.

6 thoughts on “Welcome 2021

  1. Scott says:

    Lovely to hear of your day Ruby. Hairy chew ear to you and your parents too. It sounds like your island was under an invasion by pooch and child as it were.
    As you have full local status now, even if it is self pronounced,
    I’ll be sure to drop your name when next Roz and I require a favour upon arrival on Ruby Island.
    Live and best wishes for the year.
    Uncle Scooter


    1. Jan says:

      Dear Uncle Scooter, you are indeed a wise man. Mum sends her love.

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  2. Rhoda Goldberg says:

    Best wishes for 2021

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jan says:

      And to you too

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  3. Mel says:

    Happy New Year, Ruby (& also to your Mum & Dad). I can see you like to supervise in the garden. We have a family member who likes to do the same. I do hope those interlopers don’t stay on your beach for too long – I’m pleased to hear you ‘helped’ them with their sand castles. Lots of luck with the veggie patch xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jan says:

      Thanks Aunty Mel, so glad to see so many people appreciate my perspective. Life is always busy when you are 3. Ruby xx

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