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Peter, Paul and Mary sang “The answer. My friend is blowin’ in the wind”. My question is, Why is it so bloody windy? Not the gentle zephyrs, breezes or mistrals, but full-blown, manic number 10 on the Beaufort Scale type winds lashing North Bruny, seemingly all the time.

The predictions for Tuesday by the Bureau of Meteorology was for 90-110kph wind speeds and. As usual, they weren’t too far off the mark. Ruby and I ventured out late in the evening for our customary walk down to the beach. We tried to shy away from big trees drunkenly flailing about. Down by the water at Dennes Point Ruby’s ears were standing out like wings on a plane and she was not happy. The D’Entrecasteaux Channel was a boiling frenzy of white caps and even breaking waves on Jetty Beach.

Back in the relative calm of the house the wind just kept getting crazier. The fly-screens had the effect of allowing the wind to screech like a banshee – adding to the whole experience. There’s something slightly disconcerting about the floor of your house bouncing underneath your feet.

The madness continued in to the next day when ferry services to the island were suspended because the ferries couldn’t dock safely at Robert’s Point.

Let’s just hope that King Lear’s prophesy “Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! Rage! Blow!” is not the new reality and that we can expect more moderate conditions as we venture further into the summer months.

5 thoughts on “Mandolin Wind

  1. Claire Trott says:

    Love that imagery of the trees drunkenly flailing about.

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    1. Jan says:

      Not that we’d have any experience of such behaviour Claire! xx

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  2. Sally says:

    Bob Dylan I think…
    Hopefully the winds are abating

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  3. jenniferderrick2800 says:

    You can always tell the new people in the neighbourhood – they’re the ones walking the dog in wild wind!!!!

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  4. Ray Ward says:

    Bruny mistral?

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