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As many of you know our new house came fully furnished right down to plates and cutlery . Really! When we expressed surprise the real estate agent told us it was normal on Bruny. We decided to wait until we arrived before we selected what to keep and what to move onto a new life. An added plus in this argument was the reality that we were here a week before our belongings.

We quickly made an assessment of what would stay and what would go and placed an order with IKEA to fill gaps around shelving ( important given our predilection to collect books). We did toy with the idea of building shelves ( well Marcus did) but a reality check pushed us to the Swedes’ web site.

There isn’t an IKEA on Tasmania ( or an Aldi either! – thanks to my darling friend Jasmine for sending a care package!) but there are distribution points in Hobart and Launceston. The delivery cost is a flat $50 regardless of whether you order a cushion or a house full of furniture.

Last week we went “off island” to pick up our delivery. I was sitting in the Ute when the fork lift lowered it onto the tray and I swear the front wheels lifted off the ground!

Back home it was all systems go to get everything together. So far the library/study is looking fabulous and work progresses on some shelving for the lounge. Next stop the studio for some additional fabric storage. The house is a sea of cardboard which Ruby is systematically shredding.

As I write M is puzzling over some instructions.It will all be right on the night.

Kärlek från Dennes Point

4 thoughts on “The flat pack rules!

  1. rhondab1940 says:

    Hi Jan and Marcus. Great to catch up with you again. I’m full of admiration for your leap of faith in venturing into such a great adventure. I’m thoroughly enjoying your blogs and look forward to seeing photos of the finished result.
    Love to you both, Rhonda Boxall.

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    1. Jan says:

      How beautiful to hear from you. We’re loving it here, bits of Hobart/Bruny bring the ‘Gong to mind, I think it’s the sea and the mountains ( not to mention the wind!). Biggest hug. J xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mary-Anne Fogarty says:

    Love reading your blog and enjoying your photos. I’m looking forward to a visit sometime. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jan says:

      So long since we’ve seen you xx

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