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Four weeks today since we hit the road south and we’re still paying for it – literally!

In our first post Ruby related how we’d had to stop in Young to have a piece of blue metal removed from behind the brake pads. She’s still revelling in the independence she showed throughout the whole incident riding in the car on the back of the tow truck!

What Ruby omitted to mention was that not long after we left Young another piece of gravel hit the windscreen leaving a tiny chip (repairable we said smiling at each other), which gave way to a crack, which grew and grew until it was beyond half way across. I’d taken out car insurance the week before we came and had said ‘no’ to windscreens. 1st world problem.

Now here’s the thing, as I mentioned yesterday to register the car in Tasmania it first has to have a rego check, and before the Golf will pass it had to have a new windscreen. Phoned Hobart Auto Glass – lovely people, ‘yes we’ll order it in but then it will have to go to VW to be calibrated’. My confusion must have been obvious, even over the phone. Seems as if some those smart things the car does ( like turn on the windscreen wipers when it starts to rain and warn you you’re going out of lane) are windscreen related. Who’d have guessed! Well yes some of you would but you can just be quiet.

So this morning on my way to the airport ( Sydney bound) I dropped the car into Jackson’s VW who were very lovely and will do the rego thing in addition to the windscreen which Hobart Glass will fit. Phew. Once that’s fine we can change the plates, get new drivers licences and THEN we will be eligible for a resident’s sticker on the ferry (cheaper).

Was feeling quite pleased with myself, everything falling into place when a letter arrived from the Victorian Government. Seems whoever was driving the car near Craigeburn on the trip down was speeding and now has a fine and 1 demerit point. Sadly that was me.

One thought on “Wait! there’s more

  1. Kira@Sauce says:

    Oh no how frustrating! well our car in sympathy with yours has been playing up and is in the hospital, as we only have one car I had to lump it on the pushie and just happen to get caught in the monster storm last night 🙂 great !

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