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One aspect of living on an island is going “off island” to access those things which are essential to your wellbeing. You may be thinking food and wine and yes, that can require an “off island” excursion (though there are some options on Bruny, and you can get deliveries from Woolies/Salamanca Fresh and Hill Street). No my friends what we’re talking about is more about wellbeing – hair, nails and Bunnings!

Last week was a big “off island “one for the Richards who not once, but twice made the ferry trip across the Channel.

Trip one was run with military precision – all timetables and lists. Before our cars can be registered here in Tassie they have to have a rego check (which is a bit of a bugger as they have both recently been checked and registered in NSW) – anyhoo we caught the super early ferry so the ute could be first on the hoist at the mechanics and we had breakfast at a Tassie chain called Banjos. Interestingly (for NSW readers) once you have had a rego check you don’t have to ever have another one – unless you sell the car! Imagine!

That done we had Bunnings in our sights and a massive list to fill. As you can imagine M’s heart was aflutter and our trolley was so full I had to guide it from the front as visibility for the driver was pretty limited. The icing on the cake was collecting our pre-ordered dishwasher from the appliance shop. A very successful and happy trip with lots of straps holding down the load on the way home.

Friday was a designated “Town” day for me (ie Hobart) and a return trip to Bunnings for MR2131. We have obviously been here just long enough to be complacent about timing and arrived at the ferry to find that it was full and we would have to wait half an hour for the next one. Note to self to get my act together. Our first roughish crossing as well with lots of sea spray – exciting but let me tell you my car is no longer looking “fresh” outside (or, thanks to Ruby, inside)!

I love my new hairdresser (not as much as you Mel) who does a fine cup of tea, and love my new nail lady (not as much as you Lou) and came home very happy – until I got to the ferry to be met by the Friday afternoon “I’m going to Bruny for the weekend” crowd and another wait. Next note to self, always pack a book.

M had enjoyed himself at Bunnings – we seem to have some new tools but, as there was a package of fabric for me in the mail, who am I to comment?

Ah Bruny!

3 thoughts on “Life’s Necessities

  1. jenniferderrick2800 says:

    Sounds like the beginning of an idyllic lifestyle!

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  2. Gill Gould says:

    Keep the accounts of your new experiences coming so that we can all live vicariously.

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  3. Jas says:

    How could you be caught out without a book!

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