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On our fridge there’s a red & white magnet with the initials AHVEC and a phone number and I reckon if you ask any dog in Southern Tasmania they’ll tell you there’s one on their fridge too. The letters stand for After Hours Veterinary Emergency Centre and you’ll find them in Hobart’s inner north. The nice Irish vet who triaged me yesterday referred to me as a Frequent Flyer though on reflection I’m not sure he meant it as a compliment. On reflection I’m also not so sure that he’s worthy of the descriptor ‘nice’ given the indignities he put me through, but I digress. Yes, I have overnighted at AHVEC previously ( post sock/hanky removal surgery), and Mum has had cause to do a couple of phone consults most notably when I attacked her pin-cushion and swallowed a mouthful of pins. But yesterday was a whole new ball game when I was rushed off the island after ‘the incident’ and urgent conversations.

Let’s step back a little. As many of you will know Mum’s taken up this cold water swimming malarkey and now Dad’s joined her as well. The whole Dunking Southern Rights club has become bigger than Ben Hur and ‘ a quick dip’ now extends for more than 20 minutes as they gasbag and laugh on the beach. What’s a dog at home supposed to do once they’ve finished their pig’s ear? I’ll tell you what, find something else to amuse them. Unfortunately my choice of something was a bag of citrus fertiliser that had been put up beyond my reach. I love a challenge and so with considerable effort I managed to get it down to ground level, tear the packaging open and begin to have a small snack. I was not that far into my blood and bone treat when the back door opened and I was caught in the act. That’s when the day turned sour.

Apparently there was some wording in bold about the danger of this product to dogs and ‘consult your vet immediately ‘ which resulted in a very quick departure for the ferry. Hell Mum didn’t even have make up on but I felt it was wise to say nothing.

Short version of a long story is that I’ve just returned home from 24 hours in hospital on a drip after the ignominy of being ‘induced to vomit’ – remember the nice Irish vet? Not so nice. AHVEC was in constant contact with the Poisons Information Centre and I look like a pincushion I had so many blood samples taken to measure the potassium and iron in my blood. I was finally allowed home at lunch time – I think they were sick of my ‘anxious behaviour’. The vet who discharged me suggested I be given a treat of steamed chicken for the next few days. Didn’t have the heart to tell her that’s what I eat all the time.

Currently in an out of snooze mode. Mum gave me a blanket bath to make me fresh. and there are lots of kisses and ‘love you Ruby’. I hope they reflect on what caused this and maybe roster swimming so someone is at home with me or take me with them – now there’s a thought!

Love from the Island


9 thoughts on “Frequent Flyer

  1. Gus Hogan says:

    Oh Ruby, you do make me chuckle reading of your exploits while out of reach of your minders. However, even my paper and plastic bottle chewer (aka Gus) has not resorted to testing fertiliser products which may or may not be within reach. You might start to find more CTV cameras are installed in your home to alert your family to your little foibles. Do take care and remember that you r visits to the “nice” vets might increase unless you change your …shall we say. .misdemeanours.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jan says:

      I know how you understand the black Labrador Aunty Jo. Give Gus a big lick from me xx


  2. Shoes are beginning to sound like a healthy alternative for Ruby.


    1. Jan says:

      Always testing the boundaries! Love from us all xx


  3. librarian12 says:

    Shoes are beginning to sound like a health food for Ruby


  4. Aunty Sandy says:

    Dear Ruby. How great to hear that you are flying the flag for your breed- After all, how could you hold your head up high at the next beach convention of black labradors if you did not eat at least 3 things a year that no other sane, sensible dog would even take a sniff at! I am sure that there is a dog dictionary that defines the black labrador breed as eats absolutely everything etc their healthy dog food, has selective hearing and never knows when to stop ( anything!!!). Poor mum and dad – a few more grey hairs no doubt but glad that you are ok now. Xxxxz


    1. Jan says:

      At last! someone who understands, thank you and much love xx


  5. Tricia Field says:

    Oh Ruby what can we say! Unfortunately golden labradors also have extreme tastes and appetites. Your great uncle Milo also would eat anything that was put in front of him and many things that weren’t. One such occasion was Christmas Eve where the vet had to be dragged from the annual Christmas party after Milo ingested a heap of compost, so I’m sure he would have been very proud of your accomplishments.


    1. Jan says:

      Hi Aunty Trish, I like to keep up traditions LOL – you know how obliging I am. Big kiss Rube – love to Mossy


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