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For as long as I can remember I have loved getting mail, and by mail I mean hard copy ‘snail mail’ delivered by the postie into a physical letterbox. Email is all very well, but for me nothing beats the anticipation of tearing open an envelope to see what’s inside. Sad though it is even a bill has more charm presented in this way.

Given my mail fixation, the letterbox at ‘Wainui’ came under scrutiny very early in the home purchase process and was found severely wanting (thanks Google Earth street view). Others couldn’t see my objection to the ‘structure’, a cut down plastic container with cake rack in the bottom to elevate the mail from water and a rock the weigh things down. One friend even described it as a very practical country letterbox. I disagreed. Everything about it offended my senses but I decided to bide my time and before making a move. I didn’t want to be accused of being an ostentatious, mainlander interloper!

So began my observation of Bruny Island letterboxes which comprise lots of repurposing, various attempts for weather control ( heavy plastic curtain employed at # 88) interspersed with the odd commercially produced number. All letterboxes are located on one side of the main road, often in clusters to maximise delivery and to ensure that Shaun the Postie has easy access from the comfort of his distinctive white van ( music pumping from within). As we live on the Main Road for me mail collection is just a quick trip down the drive but for others it’s an excursion.

A few months ago Marcus succumbed to my not so subtle comments and a new letterbox was created. It combines the previous practical considerations with a pleasing exterior and smart brass numbers. He even made individual ‘slates’ for the roof. Clever man. Together with the previously reported on sign ad the new driveway street appeal is looking up!

My trips to collect the mail have taken on new energy knowing that there is a receptacle worthy of the letters and parcels within when I make my pilgrimage at 7.35 am on weekdays.

2 thoughts on “You’ve got mail!

  1. Mel says:

    Ah, Jan – I can see we share another passion!! I can so relate to your love of receiving correspondence in the mailbox (not too sure about including the bills in that category). These days I have transferred my obsession to receiving emails (only the personal variety, mind) as the snail mail does not provide sufficient gratification these days. Oh, for the old days when aerogrammes were plentiful & handwritten envelopes were the order of the day ❤ xx


  2. Jan says:

    I know why we are friends! Xx


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