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Readers of this blog will know that a couple of weeks ago, in a foolhardy moment, I suggested to some of my Bruny mates that I would be up for a bit of cold water swimming. Pete, who avails himself of the joys of the ocean all year round took me up on my bravado and we are now officially the ‘Dennes Point Great Rights’- officially might be an overstatement as the name only came up as a suggestion today and so far we have been pretty unsuccessful in swelling the ranks. Our respective spouses shake their heads and our friends V & G have been once – but wore their wetsuits!

So here’s the drill. 10 am ( if we’re around) we meet at the northern end of Nebraska Beach which is quite sheltered. One of us strides straight in and under. The other ( author of this post) immerses herself gradually, never getting her hair or face wet. We stay in for 15 minutes during which time we chat, then we go home. For me this involves a quick 2 minute drive up the hill and then into the shower.

The benefits of cold water swimming are well documented and I must admit I feel fabulous for hours afterwards though my cobbled together cold water swimming ensemble looks pretty ordinary.

What’s the saying about six weeks to make a habit? We’re two weeks in so next time I write about this bit of life here on Bruny it will be commonplace. Air and water temperatures will also be warmer. Today? Air = 12, Water = 11. Yes! #@*& freezing!

Love from the Island

4 thoughts on “Breaking the ice!

  1. Susan Rallings says:

    Hi Jan

    Well done you for keeping up the swimming. I am so impressed.

    How are you, Marcus and Ruby?

    Hope you are keeping warm and happy.

    cheers Sue

    Susan Rallings Founding Partner Making Good Alliance (m) 0414 604 510


    1. Jan says:

      I expect you to join me when next you’re down! Love to you both xx


  2. Mel says:

    Ah well, whatever rings your bells. The last time I did anything like that was in the middle of winter on Maspalomas Beach (Gran Canaria) when I took a dip (of necessity) in the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean. With any luck they have now installed loos in the vacinity!!! 😉


    1. Jan says:

      Love this story Mel xx


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