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I am now officially a Swans supporter!

I know this will surprise many of you who understand that I don’t give a toss about any kind of football, and that any sporting allegiance I may have is limited to Team AUSTRALIA at the Olympics and Comm Games plus the mighty Colour City Dragon Boat Club. But needs must, and when I had to nominate ‘my’ team for the end of season Dennes Point footy tipping ‘get together’, I followed Marcus’s lead and went for the Sydney Swans.

A bit of background here for our non Aussie readers. Tasmania is an AFL (Australian Football League) state. We come from an NRL (rugby league) state. I have a vague idea about NRL but nought about AFL!

Thankfully Mr M is more across the sporting codes and has been responsible for our participation in the competition over the past few months. My contribution has been that my email address has been used as the conduit between tipping central and M & J Richards! We came a respectable 46th out of 70 which isn’t bad for newcomers. The winner, Marilyn, maintained the lead from day one walking away with the cash prize and perpetual trophy!

We are about to head into the finals, and yesterday was the annual get together of the Dennes Point tippers. We were asked to dress in team colours (hence my having to choose my team). The Swans are red and white which allowed me fee reign in my wardrobe – who knew that those red corduroy pants would come in so useful!

The event was held at the Jetty Cafe and featured a spit roast, salads, cheese, sweet treats and lots of alcohol! It was a great way to catch up with our neighbours and there was a little silly behaviour. I have memories of volunteering for several things including starting swimming from 1 September! Hopefully Pete and V will have forgotten that conversation. We were invited to an after party at ‘Social Central’ but declined the invitation to get home to the, by then anxious, black baby.

A huge shout out to Mick who ran the competition this year and his mentor and event organiser Lynne. Thanks to Justin and Corey, spit roasters par excellence; to Kris and Ray for providing the perfect venue; and to everyone for your food contributions and good company.

I’m now learning the Swans team song in preparation for next year! ‘Onward to Victory’.

Love from the Island.

3 thoughts on “Red and white!

  1. Susan Rallings says:

    Hi Jan

    These are so much fun! So you weren’t at the noisy party at the Kingstons??? It sounded like they had a lots of fun.

    I suspect a few sore heads this morning.

    Thanks for coming over for drinks on Friday night, it was nice to catch up.

    Cheers Sue


    1. Jan says:

      I was early to bed! Friday night was great, will miss you guys when you head back north.


      1. Susan Rallings says:

        Hi Jan

        Haha, I thought you might have been partying with the best of them.

        We have a couple more days then home again and back to all things MGA.

        Hopefully we will see you before we go.

        cheers Sue

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