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I knew it, I knew it, as soon as I saw those dreaded suitcases appear, something was afoot. Why is Auntie Beb here if they are going away? Then it happened, off they went in Dad’s Ute with not a look back.

So here I am, ready to take my anger out on Auntie Beb. First there was her nice pink sock, very tasty. Then knickers – if I get my way she won’t have any left before long. Damn, she’s got the hang of making sure her bag is closed and the bedroom door too.

Oh well looks like M & D have deserted me and Auntie Beb has got treats so it can’t be all bad. I still get my walk on the beach, and breakfast and dinner are usually on time.

What’s this? Just got into a routine and strangers arrive. I’m told it’s Auntie Patricia and Uncle Mossy. They were forewarned about my addiction to socks and knickers and immediately kept their bedroom door closed. Spoil sports. Although I did try Uncle Mossy’s glasses, but then realised a Labrador doesn’t need glasses being a seeing eye dog.

I believe Auntie Patricia was responsible for M &D getting my big, big, big sister, Licorice, who they describe as the second naughtiest dog they’ve ever owned. Not sure who was judged the naughtiest. I helped Auntie Patricia in the kitchen and also assisted her in eating her dinner.

Just got used to them being here and they all decided to go out for the day and I had to take a chill pill, the indignity of it all. WHERE ARE MY MUM AND DAD????

On the upside Auntie Beb keeps treats coming and sometimes she indulges me with something special – she doesn’t strictly adhere to Mum’s words about ‘portion control’! Better not tell M & D.

Then yesterday I heard a familiar sound. Was that Dad’s Ute coming down the hill? They’re back with all sort of foreign scents about their persons and tales of lost luggage. I was so pleased I haven’t given them the treatment – yet! That will come when they least expect it.

Ruby ( with thanks to Aunty B for taking dictation).

7 thoughts on “Abandoned!

  1. Suzanne Tink says:

    Oh dear, poor Ruby…..and just when things are starting to look normal again, your Auntie Beb will be taking off down the road. But I’m sure Mum and Dad will be spoiling you once again now……cheers from Narromine, Ruby xxxx


    1. Jan says:

      Hope it warmer there!


  2. Mel says:

    Boy, that time went quickly!! (although, I don’t suppose you thought so, Ruby). I think M & D had a fabulous time away because their photos & videos were wonderful!! I hope they brought you home something really special. Wait a while before you take your revenge (that way they’ll be lulled into a sense of false security 🙂 ) Love, Auntie Mel XX

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jan says:

      Excellent advice Aunty Mel, I’ll take that on board!


  3. Patricia Field says:

    I’m sure Ruby didn’t suffer too much, after all Aunty Beb has the same mindset when it comes to treats,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jan says:

      Thanks for the treats in the hamper, I would have eaten them straight away but M said something about ‘ a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’!


  4. Patricia Field says:

    I do remember Licorice and parents Bruno and Sue as I recall-gorgeous black labradors! Thanks for having us at your home Ruby.


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