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Today was the annual Dennes Point Easter Market and I was called upon for my first BI (Bruny Island) official duty! The Markets are held in the Community Hall which has a ‘to die for’ location overlooking the D’Entrecasteaux Channel.

The roster had me on COVID Marshall duties ( my local government expertise coming to the fore!) with a quick turn on the cake stall, but fellow volunteer, Suzzie, decided I needed to meet people and so I spent most of the morning convincing people they needed cake, produce, plants and raffle tickets – not that coercion was necessary. Everything was beautiful and I had such fun talking to shoppers and other stall holders. All those years of flogging Orange City Council came to the fore ( hearing me Carolyn/Jennifer/Hoppy/Michael/Jasmine?).

It would have been ungracious of me not to have purchased from other stall holders and I am now in possession of a beautiful hand made basket and lined up for a course in Hobart. And look at these glorious hand died threads! Eleanor eat your heart out.

One of my favourite stands was this one which belonged to Owen. I didn’t ask his Mum for permission so I have chopped his head off ( sorry Owen). He was a champion.

And the best thing – it was all over by lunch time so I walked back up the hill to the house with a sausage sandwich happily consumed.

Love from the Island – hope the bunny finds me! – oh and you! Happy Easter xx

One thought on “Easter at Dennes Point

  1. Ginny says:

    A really nice read. We have been reminiscing of Easter past. With mum and dad in Bridport, enjoying 4 days holiday, going to the Saturday street market. The nice bit was that after a lovely Sunday lunch we didn’t have to drive back home. Always included a visit to West Bay. We are getting old! Happy Easter to you both and Ruby.🇬🇧


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