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OK Bruny, after sitting quietly since November last year the fashion police person at #87 has re-emerged! There are standards I can accept as ‘island dressing’, including my own tendency to remain in ‘active wear’ longer than acceptable. However there is a line , and that line was crossed by the man in the SUV in poll position on yesterday’s 11am Robert’s Point to Kettering ferry.

For those who haven’t spent a lot of time with me I am known for dispensing sartorial advice eg ‘ Scott,[Maunder] tuck your shirt in! , but even I was silenced by Mr Underpants.

There we were, Marcus, Regina ( who is visiting) and I, about to enjoy the 12 minute crossing en route to Cygnet ( excellent markets) when the dude in front of us bounded out of his car wearing his underpants. Admittedly they were accessorised with black socks and joggers and a T-shirt. We were all a little taken aback as there was obviously not an under- undergarment. As we watched he rummaged in the car and pulled out a pair of shorts. Hooray we cried, but he discarded them and instead pulled on a beanie and a fleece leaving his nether regions quite – well exposed!

His beautiful dog was hanging out of the car window, attracting attention. Had there perhaps been an incident with his shorts and the doggy? ( then why wasn’t he sitting discreetly in his car with a towel over his lap?). Hell no, instead our mate strutted amongst the dog admirers hatted, shod, warm ( on top), and ‘exposed’ down below chatting happily. The assembled audience looked discreetly away.

The non PC part of me wanted to wind down the window and give sage advice. I was silenced by my travelling companions who also forbade me taking a photo of the man/vehicle in question.

When we left the ferry Mr Underpants turned north while we headed south. I can only hope for all concerned that he didn’t have to stop at Woollies on his way home!

6 thoughts on “Captain Underpants

  1. jenniferderrick2800 says:

    I told you they were a weird lot in Tasmania. Just pray it’s not contagious!!!


    1. Jan says:

      Shoot me if it is! ( contagious that is!)


  2. Mel says:

    And with that vision etched firmly into my mind (& still chuckling) I will now retire for the night. It is always good to start & end the day with a dose of humour (no matter how gross the subject may be) xx


    1. Jan says:

      It’s something you can’t unsee!


  3. scottmaunder says:

    Doesn’t sound too bad and it is comfortable by the way…. certainly not as bad as some of the “hot pants” you see from time to time in cafes etc around Orange. Mind you cruising around the ferry chatting to people is next level.


    1. Jan says:

      Don’t even think about it! Word will get to me.


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