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Musings from Bruny

A guest blogger for you, Gaye (Gabrielle) Richards here with us from London.

Our much-anticipated visit to Bruny Island did not disappoint. Marcus met us at the airport and took us home to Dennes Point via the famous Bruny Island ferry. It’s a “take your breath away” moment seeing the view from Marcus and Jan’s beautiful home. I’m sure many a visitor would have been happy to sit and watch that scene for their whole holiday with the obligatory Bruny Island gin and tonic in hand. John delighted in taking many photos at all times of the day, all different, all amazing.

Our first morning we savoured the “Dunking Southern Rights” experience. A 10 am get together with Marcus and Jan’s friends in the sea off Nebraska Beach. Not so much swimming but bobbing up and down (in part to keep warm but also to exercise). In fact, we enjoyed it several times whilst there with different, lovely and interesting people each time. Although told it was optional, I know that M&J would have not let me live it down if I had not participated. Lucky for them, we loved it!

We then had a lovely lunch, visited by Jan and Marcus’s long time friends, Margaret and Bob.

Day 2: was the Pennicott’s boat tour exploring the coastline of Southern Bruny. What an experience. The water was clear and the day fine. We saw loads of dolphins (although John only managed a couple of decent photos – too quick!) we saw the seals, large and small, albatross and a huge blue fin tuna.

Day 3: Hobart bound, for a mooch around Salamanca Markets and lunch at Mures Seafood restaurant. Of course, did a little bit of retail therapy included a couple of prints and the obligatory jewellery urged on by that pesky sister-in-law (who i love!) who seems to know what I like and had purchased many of my favourite earrings from some of those very shops.

Day 4: Marcus drove John and I South, to climb the Neck, (great views and one of the prints we purchased), then had lunch on route to the Light House at the south end of Bruny. Whilst a long and winding dirt road, OMG, it was worth the trek. The views are to die for with nearly 360-degree water views, breathtaking.

Day 5: went to Franklin to visit my old Uni friend Debbie and her husband Simon who moved to Tassie about a year ago, retiring to be near 3 of her 4 daughters and their children who live there. They had not long moved into their new, stunning home. How fabulous to be able to catch up after a long time (6 years when they visited us in London).

I write this as I am now back in Sydney before we head home in a couple of days – strict instructions from said pesky sister in law to contribute to the blog!

Reflections! How happy Marcus and Jan are. What incredible hosts they are, what great cooks. Every meal a feast, even if they were leftovers. I’m sure many of you who have experience their hospitality will attest to that.

My favourite bits, sitting drinking gin and tonics, or Tasmanian fizz, looking at the view chatting. Knowing I won’t have to imagine in my minds eye where they live, as I’ve experienced it myself now.

There always has to be a Ruby story and this blog is no exception. The case of the disappearing left over peach flan!!! The Royal Dalton plate and Glad Wrap found in the garden in the morning. Not noticed it had been pilfered out of the fridge when the door when opened briefly. Dear Ruby true to form….

And lastly, my most treasured time, an age-old tradition playing “Take-Two” a form of quick scrabble, with my gorgeous, so loved big brother. I can’t tell you how much I adore him. Cranky he beat me, but a rematch will be on the cards soon…

2 thoughts on “Bruny Island Bliss

  1. Suzanne+Tink says:

    Jan and Marcus… I have a feeling Gaye and John will be back 🥰🥰🥰


  2. Jan says:

    I think you’re right Sue! Certainly hope so.


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