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Hi friends, Ruby here writing from the couch where I’m convalescing after emergency surgery. It’s been a tough 24 hours but let me reassure you that I’m fine and the many veterinary professionals who have cared for me during that time have declared me an ‘absolute delight’ – just saying.

So let’s rewind the clock and set the scene. Regular readers will know I have a penchant for swallowing socks and handkerchiefs. Not eating, more like a hoovering action. After a few days in captivity I release them back into the world, usually via the same path that they entered the dark and murky insides of one black Labrador. Aunty Adrienne describes this as ridiculous behaviour while Mum and Dad despair and keep careful watch over my bodily functions.

Over the years there have been mutterings of ‘if it doesn’t come up we’ll have to go to the vet’ but until yesterday I’d managed to perform miracles and ensured that the offending article reappeared before I was loaded in the car.

On 4 July 2022 my run of good luck came to an end and I found myself off to the Tasmanian Animal Hospital in Kingston. After the usual enthusiastic welcome from Sheridan I was ushered in to see Dr Russell who seemed to take the issue very seriously. Lots of prodding and poking and perhaps not enough of the liver treats on the counter ( just saying). Next thing Mum and I were back in the car heading to the surgery in Bellerive where something called an ultrasound was planned! I was quite keen to see this Bellerive place as I know of it from passively absorbing cricket commentary with Dad during summer. Any dreams of running amok on the hallowed ground was soon dispelled when we pulled up at yet another vet practice and I was shown into a room behind the scenes area and Mum disappeared.

The rest of the day is a bit of a blur and is recounted from conversations I overheard while in the recovery position. It would seem that the ultrasound showed a mass in my stomach which they deduced was said sock and so I was wheeled into surgery for an endoscopy performed by Dr Rob. From what I understand I exceeded all expectations and made Dr Rob a superstar as he pulled not one, but two socks from my stomach – oh and two handkerchiefs as well. One of the socks went ‘missing’ when Rylee was here in February, imagine! Dr Rob offered to provide Mum with a video of the event, which she declined ( though Aunty Regina is keen to see it for professional interest).

I was then transferred to the AVEC (After Hours Emergency Veterinary Centre) for overnight care and monitoring before being driven back to Kingston this morning where Mum and Dad collected me and bought me home with a big bag of medications and many instructions. I’m already dreading the fussing, Mum will go into nurse overdrive.

I’ve been listening to M&D and they are full of praise for Tasmanian Veterinary Hospitals and the whole customer service experience where they were ‘kept in the loop the whole time’. I believe someone called Mr Joyce could learn from this. Whatever!

Love from the Island from one very sleepy Ruby

10 thoughts on “Ridiculous Ruby!

  1. Susan Rallings says:

    Hi Jan,

    I do love Ruby’s musings. Great she is well and the missing socks and handkerchiefs have been recovered. 😊

    Have you and Marcus recovered?

    Love Sue

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Jan says:

      Getting there, it would be good if we knew she wouldn’t do it again! LOL xx


    2. Sue hounsell says:

      Oh dear does this mean a shhhhhh MUZZLE hope shes not able to read this xx


      1. Jan says:

        I don’t think we could do it to her! Xx


  2. Tricia Field says:

    Luckily You were able to “gift” Aunty Beverley’s undies, Ruby, but I guess it would have been a trifecta for the Vet Centre. Pleased you are home and recovering.


    1. Jan says:

      Thanks Aunty Tricia, I am very weary and snoozing a lot.


  3. Sandy says:

    Oh Ruby! I think I should introduce you to Jake. Jake is our friends flat- coat retriever who shares your penchant for socks and ate my sock last weekend when we were overnight dog- sitting g. I had to decline return of the sock when it made it’s appearance! 🙂 wishing you a speedy recovery.


    1. Jan says:

      Hi Aunty Sandy, Jake sounds like my sort of boy! May I say you were perhaps being a little fussy in not accepting return of your sock. A few tummy juices never hurt anyone – or at least no Labrador! Much love to you and everyone in Wiltshire. Rube


  4. Aunty A says:

    My dearest darling special girl, Ruby. What are we going to do with you??!! Rylee & I are very relieved that you are ok & have decided that socks will now be kept in a lock box when visiting you 😉
    Your besties Mayhem, Abby & Benji are all praising you for your bravery & we all send you loads of our love ❤ xxx


    1. Jan says:

      Thank you Aunty A and please give Mayhem, Abby and Benji my special love. I was VERY brave and the report from the vets said I was a model patient! Imagine 😂


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