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It’s the time of the year when the spectre of the jolly fat man in the red suit is evoked with the sole purpose of reminding me that I have to be ‘good’ in order for him to stop by my basket (substitute human’s bed) on the 25th. I think that my American friend, Auntie Rhoda , had the right idea by sending me a Christmas tree decoration with a picture of me and the words “Define Naughty” on it. Thankfully the whole concept of bribery in December is rather subjective and totally lost on me. I can tell you now, that if mince pies are left out for Santa on Christmas Eve, they won’t survive the night and he’ll be sadly disappointed. The reindeer are welcome to the carrots. We Labradors are not keen on the vegan option.

So, has my behaviour been worthy of Santa’s consideration? Again, one has to be smart (cunning) about this. If you give M&D something to gush about and tell all their friends about, any small misdemeanor can usually be forgiven. Let me give you an example.

Being a country dog, I had little experience with large bodies of water. So, when we moved here, I suspect that M&D believed the Labrador in me would show itself and I would immediately take to swimming. Well, I was, and still am, very wary of all that water. I like paddling and getting wet up to my tummy, but any deeper and I start to panic. But, after a year, I thought it was about time to literally ‘take the plunge’. With my mates Mia and May, I was so committed to chasing a ball that I didn’t realise I was out of my depth – and yes – I was swimming!

With my friend May

There was much videoing and sounds of delight from M&D that I knew I would have ‘credit in the ‘behaviour bank’. Many family members and friends were subjected to boring, blow-by-blow descriptions of my new found skill. I have also largely been trusted to be allowed off-leash on the beach. Yet more brownie points.

Unfortunately, some of this credit has been spent with minor infractions such as chewing Dad’s sock, several toilet rolls shredded under the bed, the odd ballerina cloth eaten and my penchant for waking the whole household in the middle of the night by quoll hunting on the deck.

All in all, I think I’m on the plus side of the behaviour ledger and I am looking forward to discovering what Santa will be leaving me come Christmas morning. (I really don’t care as long as it includes food.)

Love from the Island

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