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At the moment Dennes Point looks like it’s cheering for Australia with splashes of gold everywhere amongst the green. Most appropriate as the Olympics wind up in Tokyo. How did nature know?

The Cootamundra wattle at the top of the drive was the first to make an appearance a month or so ago. As the days lengthened it was joined by other species and when Wattle Day rolls around on 1st September Dennes could easily slide into a May Gibbs story. Add to this the sea of run-rampant yellow daisy, swathes of jonquils and yellow flowering succulents and you have a colour combo from marketing central.

Which brings me to the Olympics. While we were fairly ambivalent in the lead up, once they started we cheered along with everyone else. One of the benefits of ‘retirement’ is the ability to watch finals in the morning! Naturally Tasmania (including us) is delirious about the success of Ariarne Titmus. We were in a shopping centre in Hobart when she won the 400 metre freestyle; the place exploded. Shades of Sydney 2000. Tonight Stewart McSweyn from King Island will complete in the 1,500 final – fingers and toes.

But my Olympic heart is with Emma McKeon. What a star. Not only is she from Wollongong (tick), she and I received our Australian Honours at the same ceremony in 2017 (tick), AND my sister Jo swims at Emma’s families’ swimming complex (tick). Hell, we’re almost related!

Love from the Island with special hugs for everyone in lockdown xx

2 thoughts on “Green and Gold

  1. Mel Woodford says:

    Ahhh, your yellow flowers are magnificent!! How I love wattle!! Yes indeed, the kids have done well at the Olympics – fancy you having so many connections with Emma McKeon. Btw, how is the Lady Ruby now? I did feel for her with an impending visit to ‘Dr Hopoate’ – Puss really hates that thermometer, too. Love from those of us in lockdown xx


    1. Jan says:

      Hi Mel

      Yellow was my Mum’s least favourite colour but she always had it in the garden as she said it made it pop!

      Ruby is quite well, though not so sure about the pumpkin substitute in her food bowl! I reckon she’s lost weight already- but that could be optimism 😂. Xx


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