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Winter has settled on Bruny Island and we are enjoying bright and shining days with glittering seas and crisp nights. Notice I said ‘crisp’ not ‘cold’? Readers, compared to Orange, Dennes Point is positively balmy. When Central West NSW was covered in the white stuff a few weeks ago, and our social media feeds were nothing but snow porn, we were luxuriating in day time temperatures of 13 while at night it dropped to maybe 5. When snow lays on kunanyi/ Mt Wellington there can be a chill to the air but nothing a Tasmanian Tuxedo won’t fix.

What’s a Tasmanian Tuxedo I hear you ask? Must admit when I heard the term on ABC Radio Hobart a few weeks ago I was intrigued – it’s a puffer jacket, and let’s face it Chez Richards has a number of those in varying weights and colours.

I donn my silver-grey waist length puffer most afternoons when we head off with our girl on her walk. (M is made of sterner stuff and his TT has yet to hit the dog walk scene). Our usual route takes in the length of Nebraska Beach and mostly coincides with the golden hour before sunset.

We’ve had some massive tides over the past few weeks and the shore is littered with an amazing assortment of weed, shells, driftwood and smells ( the latter being the attraction for Ruby). The number of visitors to Dennes Point has definitely declined but we still catch up with regular walkers and their pooches – particularly Ruby’s friends Mia and May, and Pearl and Norman.

The sun doesn’t rise until about 7.45 am and (mostly) not having to be anywhere the day starts slowly – and it finishes the same way when the Sandy, happy trio pile through the door, draw the blinds, and settle down by the fire.

The move was an excellent idea!

4 thoughts on “The Tasmanian Tuxedo

  1. Mel Woodford says:

    It all sounds positively delightful, Jan!!! How lovely that the winter weather is a step or 5 up from Orange, and now you also have that glorious view & wonderful beach. Enjoy those balmy days & crisp nights!! xx


    1. Jan says:

      Thanks Mel, hope you’re keeping well. Xx


  2. It all sounds fabulous and I’m glad it was obviously the right move


    1. Jan says:

      Love to you and Bob xx


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