An Island Off an Island

Musings from Bruny

Today’s blog is by our gorgeous friend Marian who has recently been visiting with Nigel ( referred to below as ‘himself’).

You know how it works. You need to get somewhere and the quickest way is the steepest way so the zigzag tact is deployed. I can say by Day 3 of our Bruny adventure having plenty of practice I made it down (and up) the hills without too much zigzagging.

The island off the island is idyllic; picturesque in natural simplicity where echidna and wallabies coexist although the jury remains undecided about Ruby’s feelings for the quolls.

It’s a magical place where time ceases to be of relevance and you become wrapped up in the paradise, leaving rested and relaxed.

You may have read about piece by himself about our soirée on Bruny but also just to assure you while there was men’s work underway, Jan and I had time to do girl’s work in her studio, particularly toasting the launch of her new library consultancy website. (Blatant ad) please visit

A very special thank you to Jan and Marcus for their hospitality and generosity of spirit. And of course to Ruby for taking us on walks.

Until next time.

2 thoughts on “The land where zigzagging is required

  1. Eve Woodberry says:

    It looks delightful and definitely the weather for walking. It was 40c yesterday in the Gong and the only walking was into the surf or local pool.
    Since Gladys decided that Wollongong is part of Greater Sydney during the pandemic I am unable to travel to any other states which is an absolute pain. I will be ready to go as soon as any borders are lifted – Queensland is first on the list followed closely by WA. Reading the Blog is a good way to stay connected so thank you for taking the time to compile it.

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    1. Jan says:

      Meanwhile I am sitting on top of the heater! We had a beautiful day on Monday, swimming at lunch time – then the weather turned. I no longer feel so bad about my big investment in cashmere :-)! Thanks for your lovely comment about the blog, we like writing it and just hope we’re not boring everyone silly.

      It was so great to have Marian and Nigel here – especially as all our IFLA travel has gone down the gurgler. Stay cool and hopefully see you soon. J

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