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Sometimes the planets align and for no apparent reason the day turns out to be perfect. The belated summer seemed to have arrived with a day of temperatures in the high twenties, a beautiful sparkling sea and no wind that would blow the fleas off a brown dog.

I already had that feeling of a good days work under my belt and the sense of well-being as a result. Due to the awareness engendered by Ruby’s snake recognition course, I had whipper-snipped the back yard (one would need a four-wheeled drive mower to accomplish the task) to keep the ‘joes’ at bay.

Some levelling work had also been done to accommodate the placement of two compost bins.

Will I go in?

So being at peace with the world, it was time for our evening walk down on Nebraska Beach. It was at its best with shimmering, blue, clear water, white sand and gently lapping waves. To our utmost surprise, Ruby, our water-shy Labrador, bravely breasted the wavelets and strode out far enough for her tummy to be immersed in the sea.

We continued our walk up the beach, all three of us wading in the shallows. Ruby even eschewed the high tide mark where she would normally fossick for smelly seaweed or dead starfish to roll in.

On the way back we came across Mick – a local who had just pulled up his boat -full of salmon. Generally people here are anti the fish farms in the Channel due to the environmental damage they cause. When however, tens of thousands of salmon escape due to a rip in the nets, it garners all to launch the tinnies and get out after them. Mick very generously gifted a 4-5kg salmon for us to take home with us for dinner (or several dinners).

To finish the day I felt it necessary to follow Ruby’s lead and take a dip. The locals counsel to not dilly dally but to get in quick (so that you can get out quick!). I didn’t take any convincing. To say the water was fresh is an understatement.

To finish the day, what better way than a dinner of plump and juicy Bruny Island oysters. Perfect.

One thought on “One of those days

  1. jenniferderrick2800 says:

    I think you’ve found utopia!

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